Ice Out Contest

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Welcome to the Eighteenth Annual
Bay Lake Ice Out Contest!


Hey Bay Lake, while its not looking a lot like spring at this point, I think its time to start the Bay Lake Ice Out contest, if for nothing else than keeping our sanity while we are waiting for spring!

To make it a bit more interesting, it will be open for entries for three weeks only - Until midnight on March 22.

As usual, the rules are easy, and simple, email your entry to us by clicking here prior to 11:59 PM Friday March 22, 2019 with the exact date and time ( be sure to include both the date and the time to the minute ) you predict Bay Lake to be Ice Free! If you dont use that link PLEASE MAKE SURE you use the subject "Bay Lake Ice Out 2019"

That helps me sort the entry emails from all the other email and prevents it from being sent to the spam folder.

If your entry is the closest, or matches our judge's decision, you win! Also, if a pevious entry matches yours to the minute you will be asked to select a new time if your entry was submitted after the matching one. The deadline may change should the weather take a drastic turn warmer. (please!?!?)

As usual the winner will receive a gift certificate to the wonderful Lonesome Pine courtesy of the Shekels family and Josh and Amy Goolsbee!

Note: Names and entries will be posted on the web site, unless you ask not to be listed. No email information will be posted.

Date of Guess Name Ice Out Guess